1. I Will Never Own It - Live at The Terrarium 2021 b.c.e.
    Cawly Snausages

  2. Barely Alive at Weirdwick '21
    Cawly Snausages

  3. Twilight Phantasias

  4. Intrakozmogenesis In The Backyard

  5. In Discordance To Snailbop7 In The Swamps of Sadness

  6. A Montage of Spells

  7. baby ghosts - 2 Live Experiences

  8. Pulcinella and The Intrakozmic Nose Elongation Symphony Orchestra Live at The Tarot Society August 29 2015

  9. HALPY 2 - an Intrakozmic Comedy

  10. No Finality-Animal: An Intrakozmic Deathscape


    Elephant Pill // Pulcinella

  13. Disturb, Rankle and Amuse - Live At Ceremony

  14. Intrakozmogenesis 2: Moonstruck at Playland

  15. Clambrella Devours The Pleasure Plumb


  17. Pulcinella's Smiley Thyme

  18. Pulcinella Live @ 96 Morgan Avenue 09/28/17

  19. Butta Sawft (An EP)

  20. Puddle Wuddle

  21. My Time Spent in The Intrakozmos: A Decade of Soundz and Visionz, 2006-2016
    Cawlynne Snausages

  22. Vacations To Before The Anthropocene

  23. You Are Never Alone In The Intrakozmos: Live Recordings

  24. The Dreemzboat

  25. This Reality and The Next: A Live Journey

  26. Fooldgya

  27. Toldgya

  28. Tradegya

  29. It Carved An Internal Tomb

  30. Uncanny Visionz

  31. KEEP INTRAKOZMIC! Pulcinella Live at The Living Gallery, April 24 2014

  32. Into The Celestial Inferno
    Pulcinella + Grandpa Scorpion

  33. The Core

  34. From Birth To Wither

  35. Concerto For Nose and Intra-Kozmic Orchestra

  36. Blimpheads

  37. Konvulsions

  38. Tricksters, Sound, Being

  39. Sweaty Nose Syndrome: Live at The Living Gallery

  40. W A R M

  41. PZP - Pulcinella, Zilmrah & Paul

  42. Scream Oceans of Depth: A Live Montage

  43. A Meditation on Loss of Self

  44. Womb of Mirrors

  45. Sojourn To The Kozmic Buffoon

  46. Pulcinella Plays The Colin Sanderson Songbook

  47. The Complete Recorded Works of Colin Sanderson Vol. II
    Colin Sanderson


Pulcinella New York, New York

Rising from the Intra-Kozmic ashes of the NYC-based Psych/Prog/Performance Art Trio MANBURGER SURGICAL is PULCINELLA, the ongoing multi-media project of Caw-Lynne "Pulcinella" Snausages.
Darkly humorous, visionary, and relentlessly intense, this is:
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